Virtual Trooper Island Camp

Virtual Trooper Island Camp

Use the arrows to find each episode, then click on the images to watch each episode on YouTube! Additionally if you have watched all episodes please complete the survey to ensure you receive your patch and completion certificate!

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Downloadable Activities

Below are downloadable activities you can do from home that go along with each episode. Share those with us via #VirtualTrooperIsland on Facebook or Twitter.

Episode 1-10: Downloadable Activities

Episode 1: Map

Episode 2: Foil Bake Recipe

Episode 2: Smore Cone Recipe

Episode 3: Water Drop Racing

Episode 4: Pasta Fish

Episode 5: Wheel of Fitness

Episode 6: Bow and Arrow

Episode 7: Fireworks Jar

Episode 8: First Aid Kit

Episode 9: Build a Canoe

Episode 10: Leaf Painting