Angel Initiative

Angel Initiative

The Angel Initiative is a program started by the Kentucky State Police in 2016 with one goal:
save lives.

The Angel Initiative is a proactive approach offering an alternative escape to those battling addiction. Under this initiative, anyone battling addiction can come to any KSP post and get help finding a treatment center. No questions asked.

To date, KSP has helped to place 198 individuals who asked for help, in treatment. We will continue to pursue and prosecute those trafficking drugs and feeding the addiction epidemic. If you find yourself needing help to escape the grip of addiction, this program is the help you need.


KSP is not getting soft on crime; we are being smart on crime. The addiction epidemic has affected families across the state. We know that law enforcement cannot arrest its way out of this. Since its inception in 1948, KSP has worked to help the people of Kentucky, and this is one more way it’s doing just that. By creating the Angel Initiative, we now have a predetermined response with a focused mission to help those battling addiction when they need it most.

KSP will continue with enforcement efforts aimed at individuals who are trafficking opioids. We have strengthened our statewide opioid/heroin educational program that is being offered in all 16 post areas, and we are in the process of developing a new mobile drug education unit that will travel across the state to schools, community events, and other venues.

We have also provided all KSP Troopers and CVE Officers with Narcan training. In 2017, KSP had to administer Narcan 23 times to save lives. At times, more than one dose was needed.

KSP Angel Initiative changes Morehead woman’s life

Felicia Bowling believes whole-heartedly that she owes her life
to the Kentucky State Police for saving it.

To find out more about her struggle, her experience and her results from reaching out to the Angel Initiative program,
click below.