Post 12 Checkpoints

Post 12

Traffic Safety Checkpoint Locations

Kentucky State Police Post 12, which provides police coverage for Anderson, Fayette, Franklin, Scott, Shelby, Spencer and Woodford counties, will be conducting periodic traffic safety checkpoints at locations approved by the Kentucky State Police Policy and Procedures Manual. There will also be special traffic enforcement in high collision areas using radar, laser and saturation patrols.

These checkpoints will be conducted in an effort to enforce the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Special attention will be paid to occupant protection (seatbelt adherence), sobriety, and registration violations.

Below is a list of traffic safety checkpoint locations.  These roadway locations include, but are not limited to:

Scott County

US 25                          At Fayette County Line

US 25                          At US 460 By-Pass (South Limits)

US 25                          At Delaplain Road

US 62                          At US 421 Intersection

US 62                          At Gunnell Road

US 62                          At I-64 Intersection

US 460                        In Newtown

KY 32                          At US 25 Intersection

KY 227                        At Bond Pike

KY 368                        At KY 227 Intersection                                               

KY 1963                      At Lyle Road (Fayette County Line)

KY 1963                      At Lemons Mill Road

Woodford County

US 60                          Limits (Pizza Hut to Hardees on US 60 By-Pass)

US 60                          Limits to 4 miles West

US 60                          At US 62 Intersection

US 60                          At BG Parkway Intersection

US 60                          At Hunter Town Road

US 62                          At Northside Drive

US 421                        At US 62 Intersection

US 421                        At Coach Station

KY 33                          At BG Parkway Intersection

KY 1681                      At US 62

KY 1681                      At KY 1685

KY 1659                      Franklin County Line to Millville

Franklin County

US 60                          In Limits

US 60                          Limits to 5 miles West

US 60                          Limits to 2 miles East

US 60                          At Cardwell Lane

US 60                          At KY 151

US 127                        In Limits

US 127                        Limits to 4 miles South

US 127                        Between 5 and 6 miles North

US 421                        In Limits

US 421                        Limits to 3 miles South

US 421                        Limits to 11 miles North

US 460                        In Limits to 5 miles East

KY 151                        At Anderson County Line

KY 420                        Limits to 2 miles South

KY 676                        In Limits

KY 1005                      Limits to KY 1665

KY 1262                      At the Old School

KY 1570                      At KY 1665

KY 1665                      At KY 2817 Intersection

Benson Valley             Limits to 3 miles out

Ninevah Rd                 Limits to 3 miles South                                                           

Holmes Street             All Inclusive

Lawrenceburg Rd.      At Erin Way

Shelby County

US 60                          At Arlington Drive

US 60                          At Eddie Lane

US 60                          At Fields Lane

US 60                          At KY 1848 (North & South)

US 60                          At Bluegrass Farm Machinery

US 60                          At KY 1871 (Rocket Lane)

US 60                          At KY 1472 (Mink Run Road)

US 60                          At Franklin / Shelby County Line

US 60                          At KY 395

KY 43                          At Cropper School

KY 43                          At Christianburg Road

KY 44                          At Pea Ridge Road

KY 44                          At KY 636 (Limits of Mt. Eden)

KY 53 S                       At US 60

KY 53                          At Old 7 Mile Pike

KY 53                          At Old Mt. Eden Road

KY 53                          At Guist Creek Bridge

KY 53                          At KY 44 (Southville Pike)

KY 53                          At KY 1790 (Hooper Station Road)

KY 53 N                      At US 60

KY 53                          Limits of Chestnut Grove

KY 55                          At Brooks Industrial Road

KY 55                          At Southern Railroad Bridge

KY 55                          At Pierce Industrial Road

KY 55                          At Isaac Shelby Drive

KY 55                          At Old Bruners Town Road

KY 55                          Limits of Finchville

KY 55                          At KY 43 (Cropper Road)

KY 55                          At Bellview Drive

KY 55                          At Fox Run Road

KY 55                          At Moody Pike           

KY 55                          At Booker Pike

KY 55                          At Clore Jackson Road

KY 55                          At Henry / Shelby County Line

KY 322                        At Clore Jackson Road                                                         

KY 362                        At Ash Road  (3 Way Stop Sign)                                                    

KY 395                        At KY 12

KY 395                        At Fair View Drive

KY 395                        At Kings Highway

KY 714                        At Rockbridge

KY 1848                      At Rolling Ridge Way

KY 1848                      At Clark Station Road

KY 1848                      At KY 362 (Aiken Road)        

KY 1871                      At KY 1779 (Benson Road

KY 2862         

Cardinal Dr.                 At Sanford Ln.

N. 7th Street                Between Washington St. And Burks Branch Rd.

10th Street                   At High Street

Old Mt. Eden Road     At the Cemetery

Zarring Mill Rd.           At Kentucky Street

Henry Clay Street       At 7 TH Street

Pearce Industrial Rd   At KY 55

Pearce Industrial Rd   At Old Finchville Rd.

Anderson County

US 62                          Limits

US 62                          Limits to 4 west

US 62                          Limits Fox Creek RECC

US 62                          At US 127 Intersection

US 62                          Limits Trailer Park

US 62                          At Tyrone Road

US 62 W                     At KY 555 South

US 127                        Limits of Lawrenceburg at Carlton Drive

US 127                        Limits of Lawrenceburg at Mac Drive (North Main Limits)

US 127                        Limits north to Franklin County Line                                      

US 127                        Limits south to Mercer County Line                                       

KY 44                          Approximately 12 west of Fire Station at Glensboro             

KY 44                          At US 127 Intersection

KY 44                          Limits to 4 west

KY 44                          At Dry Dock Road

KY 53                          At KY 1290 at Monkey’s Eyebrow

KY 151                        At Alton Station Road

KY 151                        At Anderson / Franklin County Line

KY 151                        At US 127 Intersection

KY 248                        At Van Buren

KY 248                        At KY 1579

KY 248                        At Spencer County Line

KY 248                        At US 62

KY 513                        At KY 749 Intersection

KY 555                        At Love Ridge

BG Parkway               At US 127 Intersection

BG Parkway               4 East

BG Parkway               5 West to 16 West

Broadway                    Limits east of US 62 and US 127

Industrial Rd                From the four way Stop to the Railroad tracks

Ninevah Road             At Lanes Mill Road

Spencer County

US 31                          At the Overlook

US 31                          At Max Rouse Road

US 31                          At Bullit County Line

KY 44                          At KY 1633

KY 44                          At Spencer County Elementary School

KY 44                          In WaterfordKY 44

Limits of Taylorsville

KY 44                          At Paul Avenue

KY 44                          Limits of Little Mount

KY 44                          At KY 636

KY 44                          Up to 5/10 mile West of KY 636

KY 55                          At KY 155 (Caution Light)

KY 55                          At Cub Bank (Limits of Taylorsville)

KY 55                          At Yoder Tipton Road

KY 55                          At Garrard Street (Limits of Taylorsville)

KY 55                          At KY 2239

KY 55                          At KY 1066

KY 55                          At KY 44

KY 55                          Limits of Taylorsville

KY 55                          Limits up to 4 miles North

KY 55                          Limits up to 6 miles South

KY 155                        At Jefferson County Line

KY 155                        At Goebel Crossing (07-18-06)

KY 248                        2.6 miles East of KY 44 on bridge

KY 248                        At KY 636

KY 248                        At the Anderson County

KY 623                        At KY 48

KY 636                        At KY 1795

KY 652                        At Cotton Lane

KY 1066                      At Cecil Noel Road

KY 1319                      At KY 1060

KY 1633                      At KY 1169

KY 2239                      At the Dam                                                     

Whitfield Lane             At Pin Oak

Whitfield Lane             At Dogwood Circle

Whitfield Lane             At Ridgeview Mobile Home Park

Yoder Tipton               At John Henry Road  

Wilsonville Road         At stop sign 1/10 west of KY 155

Fayette County

US 25                          Exit 99 I-75 North

US 25                          Exit 99 I-75 South

US 25                          Scott County Line

US 25                          At Ironworks

US 27                          Jessamine County Line

US 60                          Woodford County Line

US 60                          At Man O’ War

US 60                          At Rice Road

Ironworks                    At Newtown Pike

Ironworks                    At Kentucky Horse Park Entrance

Ironworks                    At Kentucky Horse Park Campground Entrance

Newtown Pike             At Scott County Line